About Us

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A message from the Director

Hello Everyone!

Can you believe it’s already June? Our Senior Center is a wonderful place to spend early summer. You’ll notice that this month we’ve expanded our Newsletter to a hefty 12 pages full of great happenings! This edition includes both our Events Calendar and the Council on Aging Menu. The center pages of the Newsletter details all of our current classes.

We are so thankful for the many volunteers that help with our Center. We’re having a BBQ in their honor. This event will be limited to volunteers by invitation only, so please watch for your invitation in the mail. We hope you enjoy the new larger Newsletter format and we hope to see you very soon!

~ Best wishes,
Colleen P. Hale
Executive Director


Background & History

On September 16, 1987 Genevieve J. Malmstrom signed the Articles of Incorporation. Thus began the Cloverdale Senior Multipurpose Center, originally operating out of the Cloverdale Grange Hall. Soon thereafter, Jim Teague began urging construction of a new senior center building.

Ten years later, the Cloverdale City Council led the effort to secConstructionure grants from several government agencies to construct a new senior center building. At the same time, citizen leaders started raising private funds toward the same end.
Under challenging economic circumstances, over $1,000,000.00 was raised through these two parallel efforts, public and private, and the new building at 311 North Main Street was dedicated May 16, 2003.

Our Mission

Cloverdale Senior Multipurpose Center is dedicated to providing Cloverdale residents with activities and services that:

Encourage participation in community life
Promote well-being and independence
Enhance dignity